ADOBE VIP License Program

Adobe has moved to a cloud licensing model. The licenses are purchased annually on a subscription basis. Departments are responsible for the purchase and management of these term subscription licenses.

Authorized Named Users and Team Licenses

Licenses will be sold through the Value Incentive Program (VIP). There are three license types available through the VIP Program:

  • Individual Named User License
  • Device License- see Shared Device License Documentation for instructions for new license model (2019)
  • Team Licenses

There are two products available for each license type:

  • Individual Apps (individual products)
  • Creative Cloud Suite

(If a department needs 2 or more individual products, it makes more sense to buy the suite)

Installing Licenses and Shared Device License Instructions

Each department currently has their own VIP agreement. Note that all VIP accounts will be moving a single VIP Admin console over the next two (2) years; this includes Shared Device licenses to start, and then including Authorized Named User and Teams licenses.

Departments will be responsible to manage and distribute licenses through a Product and Deployment Administrator account assigned for each department or school. This included assigning and revoking licenses, packaging and deploying licenses and managing the purchases for shared Device Licenses. Departments will create Purchase Orders for the number of licenses that are requested by their faculty and staff. UTS will assist with creating the Product and Deployment Administrator accounts and Product Profiles.

Migrating to SDL

Navigating the Adobe Admin Console

Deploying Named User Licenses

License Types

  • Individual Named User License - a license for use by a single named user on 1 Oakland owned device only.
  • Device License - a license for a specific Oakland owned device.
  • Team Licenses - a license for use by a single named user on 1 Oakland owned device only. This license allows users to collaborate on projects in the cloud. Each team's user is required to have their own named user license.

License Quotes

You will need to obtain a quote from PCM Tiger Direct to purchase Adobe cloud apps. Tiered pricing considerations start after 50 apps are purchased. No minimum contract required- this is a cumulative purchase and co-terms to contract date by department for each annual renewal.

Last update 01/28/2020