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Adding Objects to Banner Classes Through INB

This page will describe the steps on how to add Banner objects to Banner classes in INB. As with most banner requests, the approval of the data steward in the ticket is required for these changes to be made.

  • Log into Banner as user bansecr
  • Open GSASECR
  • Click on "Classes"
  • Click "Filter" and enter the class you wish to add objects to in the Class Code field and click "Go"
  • Click "Objects"
  • Click "Insert"
    • A new field should be added to the Object Name list
  • Write in the name of the object to be added to the class
    • It should default to BAN_DEFAULT_Q (query) or BAN_DEFAULT_M (write)
    • If a user requests query access to the object, then the default Role Name can be updated to reflect that
    • Regardless of the request if the third initial in an object is "I", then that role name should be set to M
  • After the additions have been competed you can close out of that form, and click the "Synchronize" button for the changes to take effect