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Occasionally we will get tickets asking to enable export/extraction functionality from a Banner Admin Page. (See tickets 113296 and 86699).

Here are the steps to configure that. See also the associated Ellucian article 000038645.

In GUAOBJS, confirm you have the proper extract option enabled for your page/object and that your user is assigned the page with BAN_DEFAULT_M in GSASECR.

  • Log into Banner Admin Pages
  • Navigate to the page GUAOBJS
  • Filter on the Admin Page you wish to enable data extraction
  • By default the Data Extract Option is listed as "Not Available"


  • Valid extract option values are
    • Not Available - Menu item Tools -- Export option will be disabled
    • Key and Data Block - Both the Key block and data block information will be extracted
    • Data Block Only - One the Data block information will be extracted.
  • We usually select Key and Data Block


  • Save when finished