Apple Apps Purchase Process

Apple has created a method by which Oakland University constituents can purchase Apps intended for installation on university-owned iPads or similar devices. These purchases are made using university funds, so standard university purchasing policies apply. By purchasing Apps this way, departments avoid spending university funds on sales tax and departments have the opportunity to make bulk purchases which reduce costs. Departments are encouraged to bundle purchases or partner with other areas to purchase Apps in order to obtain the lowest possible price. Departments may purchase Apps through UTS in order to group purchases and obtain the lowest price possible. Software license agreements and purchases, including apps, are initiated by submitting the Software and Hosted Solution Checklist form.The overall process is:

Managing the Process

Planning Device Management

Department iTunes Account (Required)

Free Apps

Program Facilitator Account (Optional)

Create the Program Facilitator Account

Purchasing Vouchers

Redeeming Voucher

Buying Apps

July 2017