Apple Apps Purchase Process

Apple has created a method by which Oakland University constituents can purchase Apps intended for installation on university-owned iPads or similar devices. These purchases are made using university funds, so standard university purchasing policies apply. By purchasing Apps this way, departments avoid spending university funds on sales tax and departments have the opportunity to make bulk purchases which reduce costs. Departments are encouraged to bundle purchases or partner with other areas to purchase Apps in order to obtain the lowest possible price. Departments may purchase Apps through UTS in order to group purchases and obtain the lowest price possible. Software license agreements and purchases, including apps, are initiated by submitting the Software and Hosted Solution Checklist form.The overall process is:

  • Purchase a Voucher for a dollar amount; this works much like a gift card
  • Redeem the Voucher at the Apple Education Store for specific purchases
  • Note that Apps are non-transferable. If purchased under one identity, ongoing maintenance cannot be transferred to another identify if the original identity is terminated.

Managing the Process

Planning Device Management

  • In order to manage this process efficiently, departments should elect one person to be the Device Manager for the iPads. The Device Manager will also be responsible for managing the Department iTunes Account. If the department wants to purchase Vouchers to purchase Apps, this person also assumes the responsibility of managing the Program Facilitator Account (see additional information regarding the optional Program Facilitator Accounts below). The Device Manager will assume responsibility for device (iPad) updates. An ideal cadence may be every 2-3 months, including App/OS updates. The Device Manager may elect to manage using the Configuration Utility. This utility allows the Device Manager to create, maintain, encrypt, and install configuration profiles. When departments purchase new devices, the Device Manager is required to sync the device to the computer housing the associated Department iTunes account. During the set up process, the Device Manager will be prompted to follow a wizard to navigate through the set up process. It is critical that you “un-check” the “auto-sync” option for the device during this process. This allows all future updates to the device to back up, restore and add only the Apps associated to that specific device. When the Device Manager is mentioned (below), this term may also apply as the Program Facilitator.

Department iTunes Account (Required)

  • Set up a department Shared NetID account to create a Department iTunes Account. This account is used to redeem App purchases and to register all of your department iPads to a single iTunes account. An existing department Shared NetID account can be used for this. If your department does not currently have a department Shared NetID, request one through the online forms website NetID- Shared Account Request Form. Download the iTunes store onto the Device Manager’s computer (this can be either a Mac or Windows PC). Review the process on how to create an iTunes App Store Account without a credit card the link will provide screen shots and step by step instructions. Once you are prompted, you will need to sign into Webmail using the Shared NetID account. Follow the links and prompts in the email from Apple to verify your account. You are now ready to sync devices and redeem Apps for your department. You cannot download Apps from the device itself unless your device has been synced to the department iTunes account first. Once your device has been synced you will be able to log into the Department iTunes Account through the device and redeem the code(s) sent to you. If you have synced your device to a personal iTunes account that data will be lost, including Free Apps. This is important because the university does not reimburse for software and this allows the departments to retain Apps purchased on university owned equipment after the individual leaves the department or university.

Free Apps

  • Purchase “Free” Apps through the Department iTunes account so that the App inventory is centrally located when the department users need to sync their devices to the Device Manager’s computer for updates. If your department obtains a Voucher to purchase Apps, or if your department loads free Apps on to a university owned iPad or similar device, note that the iPad use is governed by Policy #207 Business Expenditure Policies. It is therefore unacceptable to load personal entertainment, gaming or other Apps unrelated to the educational and business mission of the university. Purchase of iPads for prizes and awards is also governed by Policy #207 Business Expenditure Policies and is not acceptable. The device may be audited for installed software and licenses.

Program Facilitator Account (Optional)

  • UTS has a facilitator account and can purchase Apps for any department. We will attach the redemption codes to the software request ticket and JV the department for the cost. The department can keep an inventory of App purchases from the information sent in the software request tickets. Departments that order multiple copies of a similar App or order in high volume (20 or more of the same App) will want to create a Program Facilitator account to benefit from volume discount pricing. This is an option for departments that will purchase large volumes on a regular basis. This account will allow the department to redeem Voucher Cards. Quotes for Voucher Cards can be created on the Apple Education Store site (see Purchasing web site under Preferred Vendors). A requisition must be sent to Purchasing with the quote for purchase to be completed. Voucher values start at a minimum of $100. If your department requires the Program Facilitator account, your department will be required to create a second account, the Program Facilitator Apple ID Account. This account cannot be the same as your Department iTunes account. Therefore, you must contact the Purchasing Manager to create your Program Facilitator Apple ID Account. Next Steps: Program Facilitator Accounts

  • The next series of instructions apply ONLY to departments who require the OPTIONAL Program Facilitator Account.

Create the Program Facilitator Account

  • Accessing and Downloading Apps If UTS purchases Apps for you, we will attach an Excel Spreadsheet to the Software Request ticket. This Spreadsheet contains the URL link and the redemption code(s). You can manually type the URL into browser or simply click on it in the document to access iTunes. You will be asked to sign into the Department iTunes Account and the App will download to the Apps in iTunes library.

  • Go to and click on “Manage my Account” link.

  • Login with:
  • Apple ID (Facilitator ID created with the help of the Purchasing Manager).
    Password: Temporary password - Follow prompts to change your password. Please record this information for your records. When you’re finished, click “Save Changes.”

  • When finished, go to, select the Education Store and sign in with the Apple ID (Facilitator ID) and Password.

Purchasing Vouchers

  • Go to Apple Higher Education store.

  • "Find Your School" enter Oakland University
  • Type in Rochester and Click “Find”.
  • When you see Oakland University and Choose "Sign In".
  • On the Top menu “Solutions and Offerings” select Volume Purchase Program Credit.
  • Select Customize Amount and enter the dollar amount of the Voucher you want to purchase (Minimum is $100.00; purchase in $100.00 increments).
  • Enter your VIP account information as requested
  • Select “Add to Cart"
  • Select "Send Proposal" found just below the Checkout button
  • Submit your requisition to purchasing with the attached proposal.
  • Apple Voucher gift cards are usually delivered via FedEx or Priority mail.

Redeeming Voucher

  • Go to and sign in with Apple ID: (Program Facilitator ID).

  • Click Redeem Voucher.
  • Enter Volume Voucher Code on back of gift card.
  • Click Redeem.
  • Account will be updated with the new dollar amount

Buying Apps

  • Go to and sign in with Apple ID: (Program Facilitator ID).

  • Under Education Store Search for requested App (note iPad versus iPhone Apps).
  • Notice: iPad vs iPhone Apps
  • Click on App
  • Under Purchase Details heading, enter in quantity.
  • Press Continue.
  • Press Buy.
  • Code(s) will be emailed to the Program Facilitator email account.

July 2017