Argos Naming Conventions

General Rules

General Forumla: [form]_[type]_[purpose]

Casing: Camel case (modified)

  • No spaces are allowed in variable names.
  • An underscore is used to separate words when naming.


Examples: main, contacts, charts


Examples: main_LB_Degrees, main_DD_CurrTerm

BT (Button)

CB (Check Box)

CH (Chart)

DD (Drop Down List Box)

DT (Date Entry)

EB (Edit Box)

LB (List Box)

MB (Memo Box)

MC (Multi-Column List Box)

RB (Radio Button)


The "purpose" should provide a what or how this object will be used. Examples: sql_main_GetStudentID, main_DD_CurrTerm, main_LB_Donors

Other Types

Some variables are outside of the Form. With these, we prefix them with the External Type first. sql (SQL) res (Results)

SQL variables: Examples: sql_main_ChrtEnrl (an SQL variable to drive an enrollment chart on form Main … etc)

Results (from an on-screen multi-column or OLAP): Examples: res_main_MC_AllEnrolled, res_contacts_OLAP_DonatePctTarget