Argos Naming Conventions

General Rules

General Forumla: [form]_[type]_[purpose]

Casing: Camel case (modified)

  • No spaces are allowed in variable names.
  • An underscore is used to separate words when naming.


Examples: main, contacts, charts


Examples: main_LB_Degrees, main_DD_CurrTerm

  • BT (Button)
  • CB (Check Box)
  • CH (Chart)
  • DD (Drop Down List Box)
  • DT (Date Entry)
  • EB (Edit Box)
  • LB (List Box)
  • MB (Memo Box)
  • MC (Multi-Column List Box)
  • RB (Radio Button)


Examples: sql_main_GetStudentID, main_DD_CurrTerm, main_LB_Donors The "purpose" should provide a what or how this object will be used.

Other Types

Some variables are outside of the Form. With these, we prefix them with the External Type first. sql (SQL) res (Results)

SQL variables: Examples: sql_main_ChrtEnrl (an SQL variable to drive an enrollment chart on form Main … etc)

Results (from an on-screen multi-column or OLAP): Examples: res_main_MC_AllEnrolled, res_contacts_OLAP_DonatePctTarget