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Procedure for Obtaining NetID, Banner, or ADMNET Access for Unpaid Interns, Student Employees, or Volunteers

Unpaid Interns, Student Employees, or other non-employees (Volunteers) may require access to NetID, Banner, or ADMNET domain access as approved by their supervisor and the Data Steward identified in Policy #860 Information Security. Please review the description for Accounts.

Unpaid Interns, Student Employees, or others with primary instructional assignments must be approved in advance by the Office of the Provost. If the Volunteer is in an instructional or academic role, approval is also required by the Office of the Provost.


First, the supervisor must verify that the Unpaid Intern, Student Employee, or other non-employee (Volunteer) has a GrizzlyID. All current and past students and employees have a GrizzlyID.

If the Unpaid Intern, Student Employees, or other non-employee (Volunteer) is not a former or current student or employee, contact University Human Resources, Employment - Office Assistant (Kim Crawford crawford@oakland.edu ) to create the G# for the person.


If a new GrizzlyID was created, the Office Assistant will forward that information to the Coordinator - Personnel Records (Pam Stewart stewart2@oakland.edu ) to have the correct (NONEMP) position number assigned to the person.

If the Unpaid Intern, Student Employee, or other non-employee (Volunteer) already has a GrizzlyID of record, the supervisor must forward information to the Coordinator - Personnel Records to have the correct (NONEMP) position number assigned to the person.

All Unpaid Interns, Student Employees, or other non-employees (Volunteers) will have the same position number NONEMP (e-class of NE). This position number already exists in Banner, so there is no need to request it from the Budget Office when an unpaid intern is hired.


All Unpaid Interns, Student Employees, or other non-employees (Volunteers) must have a NetID prior to having an ADMNET or Banner account. The supervisor checks for a NetID. If the person is a current student or employee but does not have a NetID, the person can obtain a NetID at https://iam.oakland.edu/picknetid.

If the person is not a current student or employee, the supervisor requests a Guest NetID by submitting the form to request a Guest NetID found under letter N on the Forms menu. Unpaid Interns or other non-employees must obtain a Guest NetID account prior to requesting Banner or ADMNET access. To review the guidelines for issuance of a NetID, see the Accounts - NetID documentation.

Other Forms to Process

Volunteers (anyone who is not an employee, an Unpaid Intern or Student Employee) must complete the Volunteer form from the Office of Legal Affairs. The form must be maintained by the Supervisor. Volunteers must be approved by University Human Resources. This process will result in the person being recorded by either University Human Resources or the Office of the Provost, with the individual being assigned a G#.

The supervisor of the student employee or unpaid intern review the form Oakland University Student Employee and Student Intern Confidentiality Agreement. This form can be found on the Legal Affairs website at http://www.oakland.edu/legalforms. The student employee, intern or other unpaid non-employee must sign the form, and the supervisor will maintain the signed copy of the form in their personnel file.

Complete and submit the following UTS Forms as needed: https://forms.oakland.edu/default.aspx

  • ADMNET Account Request
  • Banner Request Forms specific to the intern’s position or student employee's position
    • Attach a copy of the form Oakland University Student Employee and Student Intern Confidentiality Agreement to the Access Request.

  • NOTE: If the intern is performing academic advising-related duties, the following access may be needed:

    • Banner – Student Access Request

    • Banner – Relationship Manager Access
    • Student Banner module / Adviser role

Once approved and processed, the individual and requesting department, will receive an email indicating the password can be picked-up.

UTS Internal Documentation for Account Access


Unpaid interns or Volunteers (those with an unpaid status) are not employees and therefore do not have a payroll record in Banner. Paid interns and student employees will have standard jobs, and for all UTS purposes, are handled as standard employees, but with all documentation submitted with the request forms. This process describes how to process records and access accounts for unpaid interns or volunteers.


UTS will be notified about an unpaid intern or volunteer by receiving the request forms for ADMNET and for Banner.


When UTS receives these ticket requests, standard access processing will be followed. Verification will show that the unpaid intern has a job on NBAJOBS with a position of NONEMP and student record on SGASTDN. Check LDAP for valid NetID. Standard Banner authorization processing is done. Incomplete forms or missing LDAP records indicate a recording issue and the request is returned to the supervisor.

Preparing for Unpaid Intern Termination:

  1. The supervisor will send notification of termination to uts@oakland.edu immediately upon notification. This is assigned as a normal “termination” and follows the standard UTS employee termination process.

  2. The Database Administration Team will run an audit report listing unpaid interns with a position number of NONEMP and verify that any access over 90 days old is still required. This may involve contacting the supervisor.

January 2019