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= Banner Document Management Browser and Scanner Set Up =

Topic: BDMS Computer Set Up <<BR>>
Audience: Staff <<BR>>
Creation Date: January 27, 2014 <<BR>>
Author: Lou Kondek <<BR>>


== Browser Compatibility and Configuration ==

It is important to note that !ApplicationXtender Web Access (also known as !WebXtender or !AppXtender) works best when using Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser. Other browsers may get the application to load but at a reduced capacity; not all functionality will be available. In order to get the optimal functionality from the system it's best to configure your IE browser.

 * The Pop-up Blocker. You may wish to disable the pop up blocker or at least allow pop-ups from Banner to allow to launch
 * Set the browser in Compatibility Mode. (not necessary for !AppXtender 7.0)
 * Add the Banner Document Management sites "https://bandoctest.oakland.edu" and "https://bandoc.oakland.edu" to the Trusted Sites in Internet Options.
  * Click Settings -> Internet Options.
  * Click the Security tab.
  * Click Trusted Sites.
  * Click Sites.
  * You should see https://bandoctest.oakland.edu in the "Add websites to the zone:" text field.
  * Click Add.
  * Repeat the previous two steps for http://bandoc.oakland.edu.
  * Click Close when complete.
  * Click OK to Internet Options.
  * You might have to reboot the browser to have these settings take effect.

== Install AppXtender Web Client Components ==

In order for an end user to use their PC to view, index, scan files and attach pages in !ApplicationXtender Web Access the user's computer will need several Active X components installed. The installation of these components triggers when the user attempts to perform certain functions that require the Active X control. A user must be an administrator on the machine in order to install these components.

'''IMPORTANT NOTE:''' The last Windows Update installed security update KB0358515. This can prevent certain Active X controls from installing. If you find this KB on your machine, you will need to uninstall it before you can begin the next steps. Running IE as an administrator would also help.

To initiate this process log in to !ApplicationXtender Web Access.

 * Launch BDMS from Banner using the [[http://www.oakland.edu/uts/banner|Banner Home Page.]]
 * Log into !ApplicationXtender using your Banner credentials
 * At the top of the screen click "Help" and then "Check Installed Components"


 * This will open the '''!ApplicationXtender Web Access .NET components''' window with links to four Active X components to be installed.
 * Another component, XSComponentCheck.cab, will need to be installed first if you wish to check the install status of the remaining components. The launch for this component can be found in the '''Current install status''' section of the '''!ApplicationXtender Web Access .NET components''' window.


 * From the '''!ApplicationXtender Web Access .NET components''' window click on each of the download links to the left of each component. There are four:
  * !ApplicationXtender Web Access Scan Component 6.50 - required for the interactive control.
  * !ApplicationXtender Web Access Adobe Component 10.0 - required for viewing and printing PDF files.
  * !ApplicationXtender Web Access Keyview Component 10.14 - required for rendering foreign files.
  * !ApplicationXtender Spell Check Component 5.16 - required to perform a text annotation spell check.
 * You can check the install status of each component from the '''Current install status''' section.
 * An additional component, !IrcViewer.cab needs to be installed to view documents in !AppXtender after scanning.
  * Click the "Open Document" button to the left of any document to launch the installer for that component.
 * To launch the scanning/upload document component, !WxScan.cab, go to the Application List page, right click on your application and select "New Document".
 * Click on the "Page menu" button and select "New Page" -> "Scan" -> "Append". <<BR>>
 * This will launch the install sequence for !WxScan.cab.
 * Install all components as normal.

'''Verify Active X Component Installation'''

You may verify that all of the necessary Active X Components have been installed two ways.

 * Use Windows Explorer to navigate to c:\Windows\Download Program Files. You should see a list that looks similar to this:


 * You can also check in C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\XtenderSolutions. You should see a list of folders that looks similar to this:


== Scanning Station Set Up ==

A scanning station would use a dedicated PC connected to the scanning device as well as an internet connection for accessing Banner and Banner Document Management system.

What follows here is a description on how a scanning station can be set up.