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The Parchment process is a means of automating the transfer of student related documents from the off-site Parchment repository and into Banner Document Management (BDM). GoAnywhere makes the pick up from the Parchment repository and places the files onto the Banner jobs server. UC4 then proceeses the files, creates a CSV file and SCP passes these files to the ApplicationXtender server. On the ApplicationXtender server a batch job calls the Index Image Import Wizard tool and indexes the documents according to the index values on the CSV file.

OU-PARCHMENT Application

OU-PARCHMENT is a custom application that was built to house documents coming in from the Parchment UC4 job. The original intention was to use the delivered application B-S-ADMN. However, the student documents coming through Parchment do not have GIDs, and that created unwanted behavior with the ID index field. The ID field in B-S-ADMN is a 'key reference'. As such it does not index generic ID numbers individually. The Parchment IDs being sent over are all the same, which causes all documents to index to the first user and not individually. The ID field in the custom application does not use a key reference. Admissions staff review documents in the OU Parchment application an then move the documents to B-S-ADMN when students are admitted.

OU-PARCHMENT Application Configuration

The OU-PARCHMENT application uses the following fields:

  • ID
  • Document Type
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Birth date
  • Institution Code
  • Activity Date

The OU-PARCHMENT application uses the Index Image File section. In this case, we added a Specification Name (PARCHMENT PIPE) and the Field Delimiter is the pipe ( | ). This is because the CSV file coming from the UC4 job is a pipe delimited list

Add Parchment User

There needs to be a user with access to the OU-PARCHMENT application. The user PARCHMENT was created and has the following privileges

  • Scan/Index Online
  • Display
  • Enhance Pages
  • Print
  • Batch Scan
  • Index/Image Import
  • Batch Index
  • Modify Index
  • Add Page