It is now possible to produce Banner job output in PDF format. This works with any plain-text file that can normally be printed from a Banner job.

To produce the output of your Banner job in PDF format:

  1. On the job submission form in Banner (GJAPCTL), in the Printer Control block:
    1. In the Printer box, enter the printer name “banpdf”.

    2. (Optional) In the Special Print box, you may enter “portrait” or “landscape”. If you do not enter anything, the output will be landscape.

  2. Enter your parameter values as you would normally, and submit the job.
  3. When your job is finished running, use your download client (for example: WinSCP, Filezilla, &c) to download your job output from the banjobs server. If your job would normally produce one or more files that could be printed, you also find versions of those files in PDF format, and you can download them the same way as you would download other output files from your job. For more information about downloading files from the Banner job servers, please click here.

Please note the following:

  • Job output which is not usually printed (such as the job’s audit trail file) will not be converted to PDF by this method.
  • Job output that uses the Special Print parameter to indicate a FormFusion form cannot be printed using this method; only plain-text files can be produced in PDF format.

  • Automic (UC4) job scheduler jobs may be configured to produce PDF output; however, you would need to download the resulting output from the banjobs server. If you want your scheduled job to produce a PDF file, please send an email request to [email protected] .

  • This method applies only to Banner job submission output; it does not address screen-printing, MS-Access or Argos reporting, &c.


  • to test or verify Banner PDF Printing use the GJRRPTS job. It lists out the Parameters of any Banner Job. You can use any job or even the GJRRPTS job.
  • Note: if you leave it blank, it will list ALL Banner Jobs (avoid).