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Ellucian HUB Support Center

Document last modified: 21 November 2014

This web page will help you to access the Banner / Ellucian HUB - Support Center. If you need assistance with any part of this process, send email to uts@oakland.edu .

Note: This is not intended to be a complete training guide for using the Ellucian HUB / Support Center. There are many tips and resources on the Ellucian HUB Homepage.

Accessing Ellucian HUB / Support Center

Already Have An Account

If you already have an Ellucian HUB account, then click on the "Ellucian Hub" link from the UTS Banner Home Page:




Request Access to Ellucian HUB

If you do not have an Ellucian HUB account, please go to the link below to submit a request.

Note: It can take up to 5 business days to process.



Ellucian HUB

From the Ellucian HUB, you can access the Download Center, Support Center, and XE Registry.

Most Non-UTS Banner Users will only need access to the Ellucian Support Center.


From the Ellucian Support Center, you can

  • create / track Cases
  • search / read Cases, Articles and Documentation
  • download / read Banner Documentation

A single / easy method to find anything is to use the "Search" in the upper right corner.


Ellucian HUB FAQ

For additional help, please see the Elluican HUB FAQ section at the link below:



Resources and Tips

This is not intended to be a complete training guide for using the Ellucian HUB.

There are many tips and resources on the Ellucian HUB / Support Center Homepage.


Creating / Tracking Cases

You can

  1. Create New Case
    • click "Create New Case" link in the upper left
  2. Review Existing Cases (drop-down)
    • select "My Institution’s Open Cases"
    • select "My Institution’s Cases"


Creating New Cases

When "Creating a New Case", select

  1. Product Line – (normally Banner)
  2. Product name – (Student, Student SS, Fin Aid, etc)
  3. Module – (if specific, otherwise use Overall)
  4. Version – (check the Data Dictionary for Product Version)

Click Next


When "Creating a New Case", enter

  1. Priority
  2. Object (Form name, Package, etc)
  3. Subject - be to the point Advancement - Connector Issue - AUACRVW - ORA-28115
  4. Description – provide details
    • Error Code / Message
    • Form / Package name
    • Steps to get there
    • Screen shot, log and/or lis files

Click Submit


Search / Read Cases, Articles and Documentation

A search can be done by entering error messages, document names, object names or key words in either the Search box to the upper-left or the top-right corner.

Types of results returned are:

  • Articles (FAQs)
  • Cases
  • Change Requests
  • Files (Documentation)



Download / Read Banner Documentation

There are multiple ways to find specific documentation.

  1. "Search" in the upper left corner
  2. "My Documentation Libraries" (a drill-down in the main [middle] menu by Banner Product

In the "My Documentation Libraries", click on "Next" to see the other Banner Products.


Find Specific Documentation

For example, to see the "Student" documentation, click on the Next button until Banner Student is listed and then click on Banner Student.

At this point, you can scroll through the list looking for the specific manual.

A better method is to click on the "Show All" button.

This allows you to search for a manual.


From here, you can type in the specific Product or Type of manual.


  • eTranscript (can select English to limit results)
  • User Guide or "User Guide"

Next, "check" the desired manual and Click the "Download" button.

Depending on your settings, the download pop-up may appear asking to either Open or Save.