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Section 16.9 you may not install '''FlashPaper Printer''' on a server for multiple user access or modify or replace the FlashPaper Printer viewer user interface that displays FlashPaper documents. Section 16.9 you may not install '''FlashPaper Printer''' on a server for multiple user access or modify or replace the !FlashPaper Printer viewer user interface that displays !FlashPaper documents.

FAQ for Adobe Professional X License Agreement

The purpose of this FAQ is to highlight terms and conditions specific to Adobe Professional X (v10) license agreement that require compliance from an auditing, support, legal, purchasing and technical perspective. We know that Adobe will not modify the Terms and Conditions for any of the products they offer. It is important that you review the entire End User License Agreement before installing the product.

What am I as the Licensee agreeing to adhere to when using this product?

The licensee is responsible to review the entire End User License Agreement including any hyperlinks to named 3rd Party agreements and or links related to additional agreements with Adobe (such as Adobe support).

What documentation must I retain for an audit

It is important to keep all information related to the sale of the software for an audit, including but not limited to the Purchase Order, paid sales receipt, Serial number of corresponding software and or any information that is printable from an electronic download delivery method. See section 13 for audit cadence and additional information.

Specifically, according to section 2.11 Dual Boot Platform you must provide proof of the operating system(OS) platform the license was purchased for and that the media sent (especially for dual media packages) that only the intended OS software is running.

Also specific to section 2.5 you must be able to provide a named user and the specific computer(s) associated that the software is running on. A named user is also required for use of any Backup copies of the software as specified in section 2.7.

The License Agreement references Sections 14 and 16 regarding automatic connections to the internet and product activation. Why does this happen?

Adobe may activate your products to verify licensing compliance and that the correct number of licenses (per SN#) are running on a giving computer (via IP address). Per section 14.1. the software may cause your computer without notice to automatically connect to the Internet and communicate with an Adobe website or Adobe domain. This communication may provide you with additional information, features and functionality. No Personally Identifiable information is transmitted to the vendor when this happens (per section 14.1.2) and whenever the software makes an Internet connection, the Adobe Privacy Policy shall apply.

What am I responsible for if an update or additional functionality is offered to me during one of the automatic Internet connections?

If you want to accept an update or additional functionality during an automatic update, it is important to comply with the terms and conditions for that specific update or functionality. Per section 14.1.4 if you are not presented with additional terms and conditions, the terms of the original agreement shall apply. Also, if the update is to a previous version of the software you must possess a valid license of the previous version before you can install the upgrade.

  • YOU MAY CONTINUE to use the previous version if:
  • You continue to adhere to the license agreement for that version
  • The updated version is installed on the same computer as the previous version
  • You acknowledge that Adobe may not be obligated to support the previous version
  • The previous version (or copies of) are not transferred to another person or device unless the updates are also transferred

What is important to note regarding “Provided by Third Parties”

It is important to note that the software may facilitate your access to Third Party Online Services. If you use these services, you do so at your own risk and your access and use is governed by the terms and conditions governed by that provider’s site. Adobe may discontinue the availability of any Third Party Online services at any time. Any dealings between you and the Third Party are between you and the Third Party Online Services, not Adobe, including privacy policies, use of personal information, warranties, goods and services, etc. It is important that you read the Terms and Conditions for that provider in its entirety. See section 16.5.2 for more information.

What is important to note related to usage and restrictions related to specific products available in Adobe Pro X?

Section 16.4 Font software- review Sections 16.4-16.4.5

Section Extended Document- These forms can be used to create a PDF form with data-enterable fields. You can either do a) or b) for the term of the license.

a) Put the data-enterable PDF form on an unrestricted, open access web site, but limit the number of forms processed to 500. Or

b) Put the data-enterable on a web site that is only open to 500 submissions.

Section 16.9 you may not install FlashPaper Printer on a server for multiple user access or modify or replace the FlashPaper Printer viewer user interface that displays FlashPaper documents.

Section 16.12 Contribute Publishing you shall not connect to the Contribute Publishing Services software unless you have purchased a license and agree to the terms and conditions for the service.

Section 16.13 Adobe Presenter-you will only install and use this add in on a desktop Computer and not on any Non-PC device.

The Export Controls states specific users are restricted from using the software. Who falls under this category?

Adobe has updated the Export Rules in Section 9 to include the specific end user. Section 9c …“any end user who has been prohibited from participating in the U.S. export transactions by any federal agency of the U.S. government (each, a “Sanctioned Party”). In addition, you are responsible for complying with any local laws in your jurisdiction which may impact your right to import, export or use the Software. You represent and warrant that (i) you are not a citizen of, or located within, an Embargoed Country, (ii) will not use the Software for a Prohibited Use, and (iii) are not a Sanctioned Party. All rights to use the Software are granted on condition that such rights are forfeited if you fail to comply with the terms of this agreement.

This means that you and your department are responsible to understand that all named users or anyone who has access to the computer where the Software resides do not fall within this category. This includes any employees, interns, grad assistants, student employees who can access the Software. Please visit the Lists to Check website at:http://www.bis.doc.gov/complianceandenforcement/liststocheck.htm if you are unsure if someone requiring access to this Software restricted from using it.