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Google Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

To comply with state laws, business standards and industry regulations, Oakland University needs to protect sensitive information and prevent its inadvertent disclosure. For this reason, the University has enabled Google Data Loss Prevention (DLP), which prevents sharing of sensitive information outside the organization. Sensitive information in question includes financial data and personally identifiable information (PII) such as payment card numbers, Social Security numbers, driver licenses, etc. With the DLP policy in effect, all Google Drive documents are scanned and the sharing of external recipients is immediately disabled.

University employees who work in the Google Drive platform may begin receiving notices, pop-up messages or emails indicating PII data has been detected. In such instances, drive documents containing the data should be:

  • securely deleted by being moved to the trash and then emptied from the trash, or
  • moved to an approved secure destination such as the Oak Share server using Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari web browsers.
  • Important departmental documents with sensitive data should be stored in a Windows department share.

Benefits of enabling Google Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

  • Identifies sensitive information in all Google Drive and Team Drive documents
  • Reduces potential University risk and costs associated with inappropriate or accidental sharing
  • Prevents accidental sharing of sensitive information
  • Monitors and protects sensitive information in existing and newly created files.
  • Helps users learn how to stay compliant without interrupting their workflow.

University employees with questions about this data security enhancement are advised to contact University Technology Services at