Remote Connection for Mac

  • Begin by selecting the Apple Store icon shown below.


  • The Apple Store will now be displayed on your screen. In the right hand corner of the store's application, please copy and paste the following in the search bar.
  • "Microsoft Remote Desktop"


  • In the next screen, select the Microsoft Remote Desktop icon shown below.


  • Note: You will need to be signed into the apple store inorder to download applications on your device.
  • Creating a Apple ID can be created here by selecting the following link:!&page=create .

  • Select "Install App".


  • Once signed into your Apple account, select "Get".

  • Once the installation has finished, select "Open".

  • Your Microsoft Remote Desktop will now be open. Select "New" to create your connection to your work computer.

  • A new credential screen will now appear.
  • Provide a Connection name and PC name.
  • Your admnet username and password will be used under credentials.

  • Once completed, you may now exit the credential screen and select your new completed remote connection!