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See the [[OUCommunityWikiFAQ|OU Community Wiki FAQ]] or see HelpOnFormatting page for some tips and examples. See HelpOnFormatting page for some tips and examples.
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Also see the [[OUCommunityWikiFAQ|OU Community Wiki FAQ]].

Oakland University Community

Welcome to the OU Community Wiki

A place to share information that you think is helpful to others relative to IT issues or concerns with Oakland University systems and hardware/software.

To create your own wiki page or edit pages, you must be logged in with your Oakland NetID username (email) and password.

Start sharing your information by creating a new WIKI page here.

Simply type the title of a wiki page you would like to create and select Create New Page.

NOTE: Anyone with an Oakland NetID can access the OU Community wiki pages and perform edits to pages.

See HelpOnFormatting page for some tips and examples.

Check out what others have published by visiting OU Community Wiki or by using the search option. Type a keyword in the search box and select Titles or Text. Also see the OU Community Wiki FAQ.