Reset Banner training passwords

Process name and purpose

GZPTPSS - This process is used to change the passwords of the Banner training accounts in the TEST database. These passwords are to be changed once per month, on the first Friday night of every month (or the next Friday thereafter, in case the first Friday falls on a university holiday).


The following things must happen BEFORE this process is run:

  1. The operator must determine in advance the value for the training passwords. The new password should be at least 6 characters in length, and it may contain numbers and underscores. It can be as long as 30 characters, but recommended length is between 6 and 15 characters.
  2. The operator must contact the appropriate training offices in advance, and inform them of the new value for the password. If he/she cannot speak with them directly over the phone, the password may be left in a voice mail message. DO NOT EMAIL THE PASSWORD!

The following things must happen AFTER this process is run:

  1. Leave voice mail messages with the appropriate training offices to confirm the password change.
  2. Notify the Database Administrator of the password change by voice mail.

Operations Instructions

  1. Log into a Banner job server command prompt, using your own NetID.
  2. When prompted for ORACLE_SID, select TEST.

  3. At the command prompt, enter gzptpss.shl.

  4. The procedure will prompt you for a new password. Enter the new password. Note: the training accounts can be disabled (if desired) by choosing a password that starts with a pound sign (#). They can be reenabled by rerunning this procedure and selecting a new password without the leading pound sign.
  5. The procedure will prompt you to enter the same password a second time. Enter the new password again.
  6. The procedure will complete.

Source Files

The process consists of the following source code files:

  • $BANNER_HOME/general/oakland/misc/gzptpss.shl
  • $BANNER_HOME/general/oakland/plus/gzptpss.sql

Release Verification

IT has verified that this process works correctly with Banner 5.x on 07/01/2002.

Document Author

Anthony Becker


Process/Document Revision History

7 July 2002 - Initial release