OU VoIP Information Portal


Oakland University is gradually moving from traditional telephony to a Voice over Internet Protocol installation. The new voice system will provide greater functionality and flexibility for phone users. As the campus makes this change, UTS will support departments with both old and new phones.

When is VoIP coming to my building?

Due to many building, wiring, network, and construction considerations, no rough dates can be given for VoIP installation at this time. UTS will contact a department when it is time to transition from traditional telephony to VoIP. Effort will be made to gather information on current extensions and instruments and to move the entire department at one time. Also, please be aware that the transition to VoIP is a multi-year project. Your department may not be transitioned until 2014 and beyond.


The 6900 Series from Cisco is the standard and approved VoIP phone for campus installs. If your department wishes to use a 6900 phone, UTS will cover the cost of the original phone and license. Additional phones, such as the Cisco 7937 conference phone, will be installed by UTS, but the cost of the device must be funded by the department.

Departments must cover the cost for replacement or damaged phones. To request a replacement, please send the phone type and fund number to uts@oakland.edu.

Transition Progress

The current state of the VoIP Transition is as follows:

  • All VoIP
    • AFC - 6921, 6961
    • HHB - 6901, 6941, 6961, 7937
    • BGM - 6941
    • CHP - 6945
    • BB - 6945
    • GHC - 6961, 6945, 6901
    • PRY - 6945, 6901
    • ANI - 6945, 7937
  • Partially VoIP
    • WH (Current building in progress)
    • GHC (Current building in progress)
    • KL (HelpDesk)

    • DHE (UTS)
    • SEB (UTS)
    • ANI

Phone Guides

Phone operation guides can be found here.


If you have questions regarding your VoIP phone that are not covered in the guides linked above, feel free to contact Dana Pierce in University Human Resources - x4579