Create a new local XE application repository

To clone an XE application repository to your workstation:

cd to the directory on your workstation where you will be storing your repositories

Enter "git clone ssh_string"

where "ssh_string" will be one of:

If your current directory does not already have a gitfu script, create one. It will modify your clone's .gitmodules file to replace references to with A sample is shown below; replace the Ellucian references with the appropriate Oakland references.

sed "s?" .gitmodules > /tmp/gitmod1
sed "s?" /tmp/gitmod1 > /tmp/gitmod2
mv .gitmodules
mv /tmp/gitmod2 .gitmodules

The git clone command will create a directory on your workstation named after the repository. Enter "cd cloned_directory" to navigate there.

Enter "sh ../gitfu" to update your .gitmodules file.

Enter "git submodule update --init" to download all of the submodules needed for your repository.

stash change to origin/master - DO NOT commit, since this will break your ability to download further updates from Ellucian!

create a baseline branch from the commit tagged with the release you intend to work on (this will take a long time, because it undoes the gitfu and will raise errors)

sh ../gitfu

git submodule update --init

commit change to your baseline release branch

create a test release branch from your baseline release branch