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== rgmueller@oakland.edu ==
## You can even more obfuscate your email address by adding more uppercase letters followed by a leading and trailing blank.



Desktop IP:

Here is the calendar time off instruction.

When you schedule a time off (sick / personal / vacation) be sure to have me on the "all day" part of your calendar. This is the only way how I can review and approve your time off and keeps me aware. Please use the following description format: Name - Number of hours - Abbreviation for time description (V- vacation, S-sick, P-personal) - Time off from:-to:

eg: Mariusz Nowak - 4S - (1-4)

 . Mariusz Nowak - 8P - (8-5) Mariusz Nowak - 24V - (5/24-5/26)

Posting an additional appointment on your calendar that blocks the time you will not be here between the normal working hours of 8 and 5 does not change. Please check your calendar for future scheduled time off to make sure that I'm aware.

************************************************************************************************************************* PASSWORDS

Oakland Related

password safe: \\admnet\shares\University_Technology_Services\UTSDOCS\TSS\Windows\Stuff\Oakland.psafe3 Slack:

Remote Computer

 . mgmt01.sys.oakland.edu, rgmueller, current LDAP pswd
   backup.oakland.edu: op_rgmueller, current LDAP pswd


EMC Support: rgmueller@oakland.edu ,


 . unity300.sys.oakland.edu, op_rgmueller@admnet.oakland.edu , current LDAP pswd


Veeam website: changes

use backup01 for logon to view Veeam processes.

backup02 does not have GUI/Windows access, can only logon to CLI via backup01 or mgmt01 or directly. Once logged in bring up CMD window and use powershell for commands.


 . Linux server bitbucket.sys.oakland.edu

NetApp OnCommand

 . http://microscopy01.admnet.oakland.edu/ op_rgmueller current LDAP pswd




 . use firefox from desktop unity300.sys.oakland.edu ( op_rgmueller



svc_esrs_ve --cleanup

 . - The Cleanup command will clear all Integrated ESRS settings and will allow for a completely
  . fresh configuration attempt.

svc_esrs_ve --restart

 . - The Restart command does exactly that. This will restart the ESRS services allowing for any
  . corruption to be cleared and to run anew.
Describe rgmueller here.

Describe rgmueller here.