Oakland University Apporto App Store

Getting Started

What is the Apporto App Store?

Mobile App Stores have made smart phones more valuable and end users more productive. Similarly, the Apporto App Store makes faculty and students more productive by helping them discover and self-provision with academic apps anytime, anywhere.

Getting going: This guide will help you download and install applications available to you in the store.


Direct your browser to https://oakland.apporto.com/ or find the Apporto App Store in the MySAIL portal labeled the OU App Store. Please note:

· Apporto supports the following operating systems: Windows Vista and higher (64 bit only) or Mac OSX 10.8 and higher.

· Supported browsers are Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox on the Windows platform; also supported are Safari, Chrome, and Firefox on the Mac OSX platform.

· The computer must be connected to a wired port. We are investigating possible wireless downloads for the future.

· The software cannot be loaded into a managed lab at this time. We are investigating how to manage this and more information will be forthcoming.

· The Application for AMOS is not available for Mac. You will not see it presented as a download option from Mac.

· The Application will launch after you login using your NetID Credentials.


IMPORTANT! There is no longer a requirement to download the Apporto agent. Visit https://oakland.apporto.com/ and select the application you want to use.


Profiles are persistent, therefore the application no longer installs on your machine locally. This allows users to start work in a lab and continue working at home by re-opening a session.

Enjoy your favorite apps with Apporto!

Please report problems, questions, or suggestions to uts@oakland.edu or visit Apporto's Help Center at https://www.apporto.com/helpcenter.

Last update: May, 2019