OU Community Group Wiki FAQ

1. What is a wiki?

  • A wiki is a website that allows the easy creation and editing of Web pages, using a simplified markup language or text editor, within a web browser. Wikis are used to create collaborative websites and powered by wiki software.

2. Who are members of the OU Community group?

  • Anyone with an Oakland University NetID account and password can access, create and edit OU Community wiki pages.

3. What is the purpose?

  • It provides a common place to share information technology issues and concerns relating to Oakland University application systems and software and hardware and issues.

4. What are the benefits?

  • The site was created to openly discuss, collaborate, create and edit documents as a communal effort to openly share helpful information.

5. How to search the wiki site?

  • Click in the search box and enter a keyword then select "Titles" to show an alphabetized list of all pages by title or select "Text" to show an alphabetized list of the text word in every title.
  • Some pages may not be viewable to the OU Community and are only accessible to specific groups within the UTS Wiki

6. How do I log into the UTS Wiki?

  • Click on the login and enter your NetID (email address without the @oakland.edu)
  • Type in your NetID password
  • If you do not know this information, search the footprints knowledge base on How to obtain your NetID document

7. How do I edit an existing page?

  • Log into the UTS Wiki with your NetID and password
  • Navigate to the page you want to edit and click on the Edit link. The page is brought up in a text-edit pane in your browser and you simply make the changes.
  • See the HelpOnEditing page for some tips and examples

8. How do I create a new page?

  • Log into the UTS Wiki with your NetID and password
  • See the instructions for creating pages on the HelpOnPageCreation page

9. How can I add an external link to the Wiki?

  • Get the URL for the document
  • Edit the Wiki page (go to the Wiki page and click the EditText link)

  • Type in the URL where you want it in the document
  • Save the changes
    • The wiki will automatically make a hypertext link from the text you type in.
    • Here is an example: http://www.oakland.edu/

  • See the page HelpOnLinking for more information

10. How do I add an attachment to a page?

  • Click on the attachments link for the document
  • Browse for the location to upload
  • Rename the attachment if desired
  • Click the upload button

11. How do I add an image to a page?

  • Attach the image to the page. See item #10.
  • Edit the Wiki page (go to the Wiki page and click the EditText link)

    • Type the file name of the image in the following format: {{attachment:image.png}}

  • Save the changes

12. Should I sign my changes?

  • If your changes are significant, or you want people to know that you made them, then you may put your name or email address after your comment however it is not necessary.
  • Your NetID will appear automatically in the lower right-hand corner of the wiki page if you were the last to edit the page.
  • Correcting spelling, formatting, or trivial word changes are some examples where it is not necessary (and even discouraged) for you to sign your modification.

For further help, please create a ticket with UTS by sending an e-mail message to [email protected].