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ReactivateNetID application

General Information:

This ReactivateNetID application is used by all previous faculty, staff and students. - i.e. those that were associated with the university (attended, graduated or left) - to reactivate their NetID’s to access transcripts, W2 information, pay stubs, etc.

Users have restricted access to OU services as outlined below.

Restricted access for Students:

Students that have attended Oakland University in the last 6 years will have access to NetID/email. Six years goes back from today's date.

If a student re-registers, full access is reinstated.

The restricted access allows previous students access to a limited set of services as outlined below:

Restricted access for previous faculty/staff:

Faculty/Staff will have access to a NetID. Previous faculty/staff will have the ability to reactivate their NetID in order to view previous W2’s, pay stubs, etc.

No email is issued to previous faculty/staff unless you have been a student in last 6 years from today's date.

The restricted access allows previous faculty/staff access to a limited set of services as outlined below :

  1. MySail (https://mysail.oakland.edu)

  2. https://bfinssb.oakland.edu:8443/BannerGeneralSsb/ssb/general#/home (SAIL) (W2’s, Paystubs, etc)

To Reactivate the NetID:

  1. Access the application from https://oakland.edu/reactivate.

  2. It requires that the applicant use the GrizzlyID (GID) and GrizzlyID Pin.
  3. The Grizzly pin can be reset using the link provided on the same page.

  • ReactivateNetIDmainpage.png

1. If the correct GID and GrizzlyID Pin are provided - the following screen will be displayed. Please ensure that the password provided meets the criteria specified.

  • ReactivateNetIDSuccess.png

2. For incorrect GID and pin information the following page will be displayed.

  • ReactivateNetIDError1.png

3. If the user NetId exists, the following message will be displayed.

  • ReactivateNetIDError2.png

Members will be able to immediately login to the sites listed above using their selected password.

For any issues, please contact the OU Help Desk at (248) 370-4357 or email them at [email protected] .