Argos Adding Users Procedures

Adding Users

1. Review Footprints ticket.

  • If it is an individual request, follow Argos: Maintaining Individual User Access
  • If a spreadsheet of list of users, follow Argos: Steps to Add Users via Import

Note: If the request is for more than one type of access or group, they will need to divided by type/group when processed.

2. Once all users are added or modified, update the Footprints ticket with the following comment:

  • The user(s) were imported into Argos (Test and Prod) as <Report Viewers/Report Writers/DataBlock Designers> and added to the following Group: <list group name(s)>.

Maintaining Individual User Access

  • If the User Request is for DataBlock Designer, follow the Argos: DataBlock Designer / Data Steward Approval steps. Once approved by Data Stewards, continue with Argos: User Setup.

  • If the User Request is for Report Viewer or Report Writer, continue with Argos: User Setup.

Argos: DataBlock Designer / Data Steward Approval

  • Add the message below to the Footprints Ticket

This request is for a new Argos DataBlock Designer.
The Data Stewards are given the opportunity to "Approve or Deny" each Argos DataBlock Designer request.

DataBlock Designer: <name>, <title, dept>
Supervisor: <name>, <title, dept>
Note: The Supervisor and Employee have both stated that the Employee has taken the
      required DataBlock Designer training and is skilled in Oracle PL/SQL.

Data Stewards:

    Nancy Fetzer ([email protected])      
    Claire Rammel ([email protected])      
    David Archbold ([email protected])      
    Shane Lewis ([email protected])      
    James Hargett ([email protected])
    Leo Debiaggi ([email protected])      
    Lauren Jeske ([email protected]) or Chris Bowles ([email protected])      
    Joi M Cunningham ([email protected])      
    Tricia Westergaard ([email protected]) or Jon Davidson ([email protected])      
    Bhavani Koneru ([email protected])
    Song Yan ([email protected]) or Rueben Ternes ([email protected])
    Mari Tilashalski ([email protected])
    Todd Nucci ([email protected])
    Sean Dillon ([email protected])
    Polly Boruff-Jones ([email protected])
    Mark Gordon ([email protected])
    David Stone ([email protected]

The approval of All Data Stewards is not for access to data.
It is approval that the person applying to be a DataBlock Designer is of good standing within the Data Stewards and there are no concerns.

If no concerns are addressed within 7 days, UTS will move forward with the request.

The approval of access to data is controlled by the combination of the Argos ADO Connection and Group folders / sub-folders.
Additionally, the Business/Group Folder owners along with the associated Core DataBlock Designer will verify that all users
accessing data from their DataBlocks either have the same access in Banner or they will request they get such proper access.
This was requested by the Data Stewards in January 2016.
  • Update the DataBlock Designer and Supervisor information

  • Bullet the Data Stewards
  • Route to the Data Stewards

[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
  • Search for another Footprints Ticket to see an actual example

Argos: User Setup

  • Open a browser session and go to Evisions eLauncer. Enter LDAP ID/Password. Click on MAPS config button.
  • Add / Change a User
    • Click on Users - left menu
    • Note: MAPS controls Argos, Intellecheck and Form Fusion users and configuration.
    • To Add an Argos User, you can create a new user or copy an existing user.
    • In the pop-window, change the following on each Tab:
      • General: Name and Description
        • Names: Argos: Report Viewer / Argos: DataBlock Designer / Argos: Report Writer / Argos: Core Reporter

      • Source: LDAP (change the user/uid in Logon Name and Distinguished Name in the fields)
      • Groups: (from Ticket as requested) (Note: Includes User Type Groups, Dept/Folder Groups and Everyone)
        • Examples: Argos DataBlock Designers / Argos Report Writers / Argos Report Viewers / OU_xxxxxxxxxx / OU_xxxxxxxxxx_DBD

      • Roles: (from Ticket as requested)

Argos: DataBlock Designers

  • On the DEV Box, create a folder for the DataBlock Designer named with the LDAP ID.

  • For Security permissions, right-click on the folder and check security. Add the LDAP User to the security groups for the folder. All Groups should be DENY except the LDAP ID.
  • You can create a copy id to test the access.

Steps to Add Users via Import

  • Run argos_create_user_import_csv.sql to build csv file
    • Be sure to use Comma Delimiter with No Column Headers
    • Save results to a CSV file in the Import_Users folder
  • Open a browser session and go to Evisions eLauncer. Enter LDAP ID/Password. Click on MAPS config button.
  • Import User(s)
    • Click on Users - left menu
    • Click on Import button (top menu)
    • In the pop-window, change the following:
      • User Role - click on Requested Role (Report Viewer, Report Writer or DataBlock Designer)

      • Groups / (from Ticket as requested) (Note: Includes Dept/Folder Groups and Everyone)
      • Checkbox / click on Do not import duplicates (IMPORTANT)
      • Click on Import Button
      • Select Import File from UTSDOCS\Argos\Import_Users
      • Note: When you click the OPEN button, the Import will start


Note: As we learn more about the Evisions Argos product, these standards and best practices will grow and be revised to suit our environment more closely.