Argos File Operations to Shares

Requesting an Argos File Operations to Shares


  1. Submit a Footprints Ticket -
    • Subject/Desc ==> "Argos - File Operations (Name of Department)"

  2. Include the following information:
    • Purpose / Reason for Request:
    • Path to shares drive/Argos (see note about folder below) - Example ==> \\shares\<your dept>\Argos (this is NOT your M Drive) Read Access / Write Access / Both

    • Note:
      • We are limiting requests to Argos Shares Drives to one per Group to start.
      • We recommend that a Folder be placed within your Shares Drive for "Argos".
      • You will need to put any documents to for Read access into this folder and have DataBlocks save Reports/Extracts to this same directory.

      • You can have sub-folders under the "Argos" folder if you desire.
      • Add your Supervisor for Approval
      • Add the Shares Owner for Approval
  3. Submit a separate Request to give the Evisions Service User (svc_evisionsMaps_adm) access to your Share Drive (Argos Folder) \\shares\<your dept>\Argos.

    • (be sure to specify Read / Write / Both)

Instructions for UTS - Argos Admin

  1. Verify Supervisor and Data Share Owner approvals on Footprints Tickets (Argso and TSS/Shares)
  2. Verify Evisions Service User has access to Shares
  3. Add the File Operations to the Shares Path in MAPS
  4. Add a test file to the Test Dashboard to confirm access