Argos / GoAnywhere SFTP File Task

GoAnywhere SFTP Job Process

If you need an outside, approved vendor to receive a file, two (2) UTS Tickets may be needed.

  1. GoAnywhere Resource - SFTP Connection to the Vendor (Application Account) (see the Request Form - GoAnywhere Application & Individual Request )

  2. GoAnywhere SFTP Job - SFTP Transmission Job (to transfer the file).

If you would like a GoAnywhere WebClient account to verify the files, then an Individual Account would be needed. (see the Request Form - GoAnywhere Application & Individual Request )

At this time, Oakland University only transfers files to vendors or gets files from vendors.
UTS does NOT allow Vendors to send us files or get files from us.

GoAnywhere Resource

UTS prefers to have a connection to both Test and Production sites.
Ask the vendor if they have both a test and production SFTP site.
If they do not have a Test site, ask if they have different landing directories for Test and Production on the same site.

Required Vendor Information

When speaking with the Vendor, ask them for the following information:

  1. System (TEST and/or PROD)
  2. Name:
  3. Description:
  4. Host:
  5. Port:
  6. User:
  7. Password: (do NOT put in ticket - we'll get verbally)
  8. Initial Directory (landing):
  9. Contact: Name, Number and Email

GoAnywhere SFTP Job

To get the file actually transmitted to the approved Vendor, you will need to request a GoAnywhere Job be created by submitting a Footprints Request Ticket.
You'll need to provide information about the file and when you would like the job executed.

Required Job Information

When speaking with the Vendor, ask them for the following information:

  1. File Name (In):
  2. File Location (In):
  3. File Name (Out): (if Vendor requires a different name than the File Name (In)
  4. File Encrypted (Y/N): If yes, keys will need to be exchanged.
  5. SFTP Information: (if Resource does not currently exist, please submit a UTS Ticket to create the Resource)

Required Schedule Information

Ask yourself the following two questions.
When does the file get created?
How often do you need to send the file?

Provide the following information when requesting the SFTP Job:

Frequency -

  • Daily ( every day Sun-Sat )
  • Weekly ( pick one Sun/Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri/Sat )
  • Monthly ( pick day )

Time -

  • Needs to run the same day and 1 hour after the Argos Schedule

Note: As we learn more about the Evisions Argos product, these standards and best practices will grow and be revised to suit our environment more closely.