Argos Promotion Process

General Information

Below are the instructions for promoting Evisions Argos Objects (Folders, DataBlocks, Dashboards, Reports and Schedules) from Argos Test to Argos Production. Specifics regarding “Schedule Only” changes to Production are provided further in these instructions.

Only users with DataBlock Designer (or Administrator) rights can perform the Export necessary for promoting an Argos Object. Folders and DataBlocks can be exported on their own but Reports and Schedules are exported only by exporting the associated DataBlock and including the Report (and Schedule) in the export.

Warning: If Argos Objects are modified directly in Production (without exporting from Test), it is the Data Block Designer’s and Report Writer’s responsibility to insure the associated Argos Object is updated in Test.

If an Export of an Argos Object is requested, UTS is not responsible if the Production version is over-written. When UTS Imports the objects, if they already exist in Production, the system will automatically make a copy of the object and append a number on the end. It will be the Report Writer’s responsibility to remove any reports that are not needed.

UTS Argos Administrator

Download Export and Import Into Argos Production

1. Download the Export File from the Footprints ticket.

2. Import it into the "Z_ModelOffice" folder in Argos Production.

3. Note any instructions for the import [an entire folder or single DataBlock(s) ]

Review the SQL for Standards, Best Practices and Naming Conventions

1. The SQL needs to follow UTS Standards and Argos Best Practices.

2. These are listed in the Argos Reporting Technical Section.

3. If there are no issues, continue with the next steps. Otherwise, update the ticket with instructions. Upon receiving a new export file, start at previous Section again.

Copy or Import the Object(s) to the specified Group Folder

1. If any objects already existed, they will be automatically copied to a file appended with a number.

2. If the Export is to replace an existing Folder, you can delete the existing folder and then either copy or import to that Group/Folder.

3. Make sure any DataBlock associated with the import has an ADO Connection assigned. This should have been done in the exported file.

4. Remove any left over Folders or DataBlocks from the Z_ModelOffice folder.

Update/Close the Argos Form and Footprints Ticket

1. Update/Resolve the UTS Footprint Ticket with the following comment:

  • "Marking Resolved. DataBlock(s) and/or Folders promoted per instructions."

Request to Update Schedule Only in Production (Future Phase)

UTS Argos Administrator

1. Log into Argos Production.

a. Create / Change the Schedule per the instruction on the request.

b. Ensure the schedule is enabled and all tasks match the request.

2. Update/Close the “Argos – Promotion Request” form

3. Update/Resolve the UTS Footprint Ticket

Note: As we learn more about the Evisions Argos product, these standards and best practices will grow and be revised to suit our environment more closely.