Argos Promotion Process

General Information

Below are the instructions for promoting Evisions Argos Objects (Folders, DataBlocks, Dashboards, Reports and Schedules) from Argos Test to Argos Production. Specifics regarding “Schedule Only” changes to Production are provided further in these instructions.

Only users with DataBlock Designer (or Administrator) rights can perform the Export necessary for promoting an Argos Object. Folders and DataBlocks can be exported on their own but Reports and Schedules are exported only by exporting the associated DataBlock and including the Report (and Schedule) in the export.

Warning: If Argos Objects are modified directly in Production (without exporting from Test), it is the Data Block Designer’s and Report Writer’s responsibility to insure the associated Argos Object is updated in Test.

If an Export of an Argos Object is requested, UTS is not responsible if the Production version is over-written. When UTS Imports the objects, if they already exist in Production, the system will automatically make a copy of the object and append a number on the end. It will be the Report Writer’s responsibility to remove any reports that are not needed.

Request to Promote Argos Objects to Production

DataBlock Designer

Prior to promoting a DataBlock to Production, a Data Steward approved ADO Connection for the Group MUST exist in TEST and PROD. If it does NOT exist, the Argos - Connection ID request form must be submitted. It is located on the OU Forms Page. The DataBlock Designer and appropriate users have tested and validated the new or changed object.

1. Be sure to use the correct ADO Connection.

  1. NOTE: If you test using your associated Production Connector (ARGOS_xxxxx_PRODREPT), it MUST be switched to the regular Connector (ARGOS_xxxxx) prior to the Export!

2. Export the required object(s) from Argos Test to a folder on your personal computer.

  1. It is recommended to use a folder/sub-folder named similar to ...../Argos/Exports.
  2. It is the DataBlock Designer’s responsibility to only export the objects needed to be imported.

  3. The import will be exactly has the export. If a “folder” is exported, be sure the security associated with the folder and objects is exactly what you want it to be in Production.

3. Submit the “Argos – Promotion Request” form from the OU Forms Page.

  1. Select the “Promote Export to Production” radio button.
  2. Identify the Group Folder/Sub-folder to place the exported objects.
  3. Identify if any scheduling changes are to be promoted.
  4. Be sure to attach the export file.
  5. By submitting the form, you acknowledge the responsibilities.
  6. Route to the Group Owner or Secondary Owner for approval.
  7. Route to to generate a UTS Footprints Ticket.

Request to Update Schedule Only in Production (Future Phase)

DataBlock Designer

1. Submit the “Argos – Promotion Request” form from the OU Forms Page.

  1. Select the “Schedule ONLY Change to Production” radio button.
  2. Identify the specific schedule change object.
  3. Route to to generate a UTS Footprints Ticket.

Note: As we learn more about the Evisions Argos product, these standards and best practices will grow and be revised to suit our environment more closely.