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Argos SFTP File Task

SFTP Connection

SFTP Host connections were setup between Argos and GoAnywhere for each current Group (ex. GoAnywhere - Housing). For each Group, a "landing" directory has been created in GoAnywhere (ex. ARGOS_HOUSING).

Edit the Data Block Schedule

When creating a Schedule, you'll need to:

  1. add a "FTP file Task"
  2. edit the FTP Task Properties and select the appropriate connection from the drop-down for FTP Host (ex. GoAnywhere - Housing)

  3. confirm the "Root Path" or "landing" directory are pre-populate
  4. add the File Name
  5. add Transfer Mode (auto-detect)

At this point, you can test the file transfer by using the Test feature in the Schedule.

Note: As we learn more about the Evisions Argos product, these standards and best practices will grow and be revised to suit our environment more closely.