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Last updated: 20 June 2018

How To Install or Upgrade the Oracle Client Software

To install or upgrade the Oracle client software:

  1. If you do not have administrative rights on your computer, you must contact the OU Helpdesk to complete this procedure.
  2. Ensure that you are logged into ADMNET.
  3. Map your M drive to the network share appropriate for your operating system. If you are using 32-bit Windows 10, map your M drive to \\\oraclient_user12c32; if you are using 64-bit Windows 10, map your M drive to \\\oraclient_user12c64.
  4. In the setup folder of your M drive, run user12c32_install_oraclient.bat (for 32-bit client) or user12c64_install_oraclient.bat (for 64-bit client).
  5. A command prompt window will open on your desktop; respond to any messages that you see. Any pre-existing Oracle client software you have will be removed, and the new version will be installed.
  6. If you are asked to reboot your computer, do so.