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Cross-Application Queries in BDM

  1. From the list of applications, select the application that you want to create a multiple application search for.
  2. Click the Search icon in the toolbar and select New Multi-Application Search.
  3. In the Configure Multiple Applications Search dialog box, select the applications that you want to include in the query and click the Add icon, which is in between the two text boxes, to add the selected applications (along with the associated index fields) to the Query Applications list.
  4. Configure the index fields for the multi-application query. The fields that are not used in a search criteria are identified by an X next to the field. You have the following choices for each field:
    1. Click a field once to make it displayable. A check mark appears next to the selected field to indicate that it appears in the search results, but is not used as a search criterion. Note: If an index field that is made displayable is not common to the other selected applications, the field appears in the query results, but does not show any information for documents that are retrieved from those applications.
    2. Click a field twice to make it searchable. A search symbol appears next to the selected field to indicate that it is used as a search field for querying documents. Note: Each application participating in a cross-application query must have at least one searchable field.
  5. Type a name for the multiple application search.
  6. Select Available to all users to share the query with other users (public query).
    • If you do not select this option, other users are restricted from using this query and the query is considered private.
  7. Click SAVE.
    • The Edit Search page displays the index fields that were configured as searchable.
  8. Specify the search criteria and save the query.