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How to Move Documents in BDM

Sometimes you may have the need to move documents from one application to another in BDM. This page will describe how to do so. Please note that a user must have access to the target application where the document is intended to move.

  • Open the desired document
  • Select Document -> Copy or Move Pages


  • Select the target application form the drop down list


  • Please note that moved documents are treated like batches. As such, you have the option to index the new batch at the time of move, or to index it after it has been moved to the target application. You may toggle this by checking the "Index new Batch document" check box
  • Click the "Move" button
  • If you have selected the "Index new Batch document" check box, then you will now index the moved document in the target application.
  • If you have not selected the "Index new Batch document" check box, then the document will move to the target application as a batch, and can be found in the Manage Batches area for that application and can then be indexed like any other document