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Scanning in ApplicationXtender 16.3

Install Captiva Client Toolkit

Scan stations may require the installation of the Captiva Cloud Toolkit in order to get the scan buttons enabled. I have made the zip file for that publicly available here:

  • Click the link
  • In the upper right corner click "Download"
  • Save the zip file to your desired location


  • Extract the zip file by right clicking, and selecting "Extract All..."


  • Right click the file autorun.exe and select "Run as Admnistrator"


  • Select Insall EMC Captiva Cloud Toolkit


  • Follow the instructions on the install wizard

How to Scan in Appxtender 16

  • Log into Banner 9 admin Pages
  • Launch ApplicationXtender

  • In the pane on the left, select the application you wish to scan into
  • Select New Document
  • Select Scanner
    • scan1631.jpg

  • You will see a pop up for EMC Captiva Cloud Toolkit Scanner Access asking you to Allow or Deny the use of your scanner
    • Click Allow


  • You will see a pop up with a list of your selected scanners
    • Highlight your scanner and click OK


  • The scanner should now be available for use.
    • NOTE: You may have to perform the step below to have the scan button activate, or it might take a while in IE. This is still being tested.

  • You can adjust your scan settings by clicking the arrow by the scanner. Click the gear for additional, scanner specific options.
    • scan1634.jpg


I have seen a problem in Chrome where the "Select Scanner" button is not available/greyed out. Here is the fix.

  • Copy and paste this code in the address bar:
    • chrome://flags/#allow-insecure-localhost
  • You should see highlighted text saying: "Allow invalid certificates for resources loaded from localhost"
  • Click Enable.


  • If there is an option to relaunch Chrome, then do so.
  • Once Chrome is relaunched, the "Select Scanner" button should be available.
  • Even after that, if the "Scan" button remains greyed out, then click on it once and it should turn blue

ISSUE in FireFox

  • On Firefox go to
  • Click on "Add Exceptions" and then "Confirm Security Exception"
  • Refresh your batch index page or New Document page. The "Scan" button should appear