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Install AppXtender Web Components

In order for an end user to use their PC to view, index, scan files and attach pages in ApplicationXtender Web Access the user's computer will need several client components installed.

Installing Manually

If you are having some difficulty installing the Client Components from the Control Panel then they can be installed manually.

To initiate this process log in to ApplicationXtender Web Access.

  • Log into ApplicationXtender using your Banner credentials

  • At the top of the screen click "Help" and then "Check Installed Components"


  • This will open the ApplicationXtender Web Access .NET components window with links to four Active X components to be installed.

  • Another component,, will need to be installed first if you wish to check the install status of the remaining components. The launch for this component can be found in the Current install status section of the ApplicationXtender Web Access .NET components window. Click "Install" to install it.


  • From the ApplicationXtender Web Access .NET components window click on each of the download links to the left of each component. There are four:

    • ApplicationXtender Web Access Scan Component 6.50 - required for the interactive control.

    • ApplicationXtender Web Access Adobe Component 10.0 - required for viewing and printing PDF files.

    • ApplicationXtender Web Access Keyview Component 10.14 - required for rendering foreign files.

    • ApplicationXtender Spell Check Component 5.16 - required to perform a text annotation spell check.

  • Click on the computer icon next to each component to install them.
  • You can check the install status of each component from the Current install status section.

  • An additional component, may need to be installed to view documents in AppXtender after scanning.

    • Click the "Open Document" button to the left of any document to launch the installer for that component.


  • To launch the scanning/upload document component,, go to the Application List page, right click on your application and select "New Document".

    • BDMS3.png

  • Click on the "Page menu" button and select "New Page" -> "Scan" -> "Append".

  • This will launch the install sequence for

  • Install all components as normal.

Installing from the web

We have packaged the client components and are able to roll them out to users over the domain. Here is how to install them.

  • Go to Start and open your Control Panel
  • Select Programs
  • Select Programs and Features
  • Select "Install a program form the network" as seen in figure 1.


Figure 1.

  • The program you want to install is called ApplicationXtender Web Access Client Components 7.0. See Figure 2.


Figure 2.

  • To install it, select it and click "Install"
  • Click "Next"


  • Be sure the "I accept the terms in thew license agreement" radio button is checked and click "Next"


  • Click "Next" to the User Name and Organization fields
  • Click "Next" to designation folder
  • Be sure the "Complete" radio button is selected and click "Next"


  • Click "Install"
  • You should see an installation progress bar like the one below.


  • When complete, you should see confirmation from the Setup Wizard.
  • If complete, click "Finish"