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Using Banner Document Management (BDM) ApplicationXtender in Banner Admin Pages

The front end user interface for BDM is called ApplicationXtender. This is where all scanning and viewing of documents occur. This page will discus how to reach ApplicationXtender from Banner.

Banner Admin Pages require Single Sign On (SSO) which allows users to log into Banner with their Net ID and Net ID password while also using DUO Two Factor Authentication. The steps for logging into Banner and then launching ApplicationXtender are as follows:

  • Log in to Banner through the SSO page as shown below:


  • Authenticate with DUO

  • Once inside Banner you may launch ApplicationXtender from a Banner Admin Page by clicking either the "Add" or "Retrieve" buttons as seen below.


This will launch ApplicationXtender, If you clicked "Retrieve" it will complete your query. If you clicked "Add" it will take you to the scanning page.

Using Single Sign On

ApplicationXtender through Banner Document Management (BDM) can be reached directly via Single Sign On from either of the Banner Document Management (SSO) or TEST Banner Document Management (SSO) links listed on the UTS Banner Webpage

UTS Banner Web Page