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How to Redact Documents in BDM

Sometimes there comes a need for a document in your BDM application to be shared. That document may have some data on it that is not meant for public consumption. In this case you may use a redaction tool to block certain information to be read.

NOTE: To understand some of the button/icon terminology on this wiki page, hover your mouse over the icons, and the tool tip will show you the name of the icon.

How to Add a Redaction to a Page

Open the document that you wish to redact.

On the Annotation tool bar, be sure the "Select" (arrow) icon is selected instead of the "Pan Mode" (hand) icon.


On the same Annotation tool bar, be sure the "Rectangle" icon is selected.


On the same Annotation tool bar, click "More".


On that tab, be sure that "Redaction" and "Fill" are both selected.

  • NOTE: You can alter the border color by selecting "Line Color" and you can alter the fill color by clicking the arrow next to the fill icon.

Now you can draw a filled rectangle redaction with the left mouse button.


You can undo the redaction by clicking the "Cancel Changes" button.

You can hide the redaction by clicking the "Show/Hide" button.

On the "More" tab you will have to click "Save Changes" to keep this redaction on the page.