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How to Change the PC settings for Viewing Banner Forms

Topic: SCT Banner
Audience: Students, Faculty and Staff
Creation Date: October 12, 2005
Last Revision Date: July 29, 2011
Author: Anthony Becker

This document will detail PC settings to avoid excessive scrolling of BANNER forms.

Note the current settings for your display:

  • Select START
  • Control Panel
  • Double-click DISPLAY or APPEARANCE and THEMES
  • Note the screen resolution on your PC (ie. 1280 by 1024 pixels)
  • Select the ADVANCED button
  • Note the DPI setting (ie. 96 DPI)
  • If you change the DPI, you will need to reboot to see the affect
  • A DPI of 120 will make items on the screen larger and may cause scrolling
  • Changing the screen resolution will affect the size of all images on your screen. A setting of 800 x 600 will cause scrolling, and incorrect menu selection of Banner forms.
  • There are combinations that allow you to use BANNER without scrolling. See below:
    • Set the DPI to 96, and set the screen resolution to 1024 by 768 or higher
    • Set the DPI to 120, and to set the screen resolution to 1280 by 1024 or higher
    • Other combinations, with custom settings of DPI between 96 and 120, and corresponding changes to the screen resolution may also produce acceptable results.

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