Setting up Grizznet-Secure

[This page is still being updated]

Note: The preferred method of connecting to Grizznet-Secure is listed below. NetID and password to connect will still work during a transition phase, but will be discontinued in the future. To use username/password refer to the directions here

You can configure the wireless connection while not on campus, and it will automatically connect once you arrive.

  1. Go to
  2. At the SecureW2 website, confirm your Operating System (e.g. Windows/MacOS). If incorrect, “Select Your Device” drop down to select the correct system.


  3. Click JoinNow

    • Note, on mobile devices you will have to Click Sign in, and sign in first
  4. Follow the on screen instructions to continue. See below for some examples of this process

OS Specific Examples/Troubleshooting


Note: Must use Safari on iPhone for the setup process to work properly

After following the steps above:

  1. Click ALLOW when you receive a prompt stating that the website is trying to download a confirmation profile
  2. Click Close when informed download is complete
  3. Open the iPhone Settings
  4. Click on the menu option “Profile Downloaded”
  5. On the Install Profile page click Install
  6. Click install again
  7. Enter your iPhone PIN

If you are on campus you should automatically connect to Grizznet-Secure



When installing the profile on a mobile device, you receive an error message stating “Profile installation failed. The SCEP server returned an invalid response”


Restart the entire enrollment process by reopening, signing in, and downloading the profile again.

Android[In Progress]


  1. Click Join Now to download the WiFi application.

  2. Open your downloaded files and open the file “WiFi_Oakland_University_Wrapper.exe”


  3. Click Next
  4. A browser will open and have you log in using your NetID and DUO (if enabled for your account)
  5. After it configures, press done
    • Note: if you are not on OU campus during setup, it will warn you the network is not in range.

    • Click Continue and then Done.