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Process for Direct Access to Postgres database by DTS personnel

Create ticket with UTS saying you would like direct access to your Postgres database. List database you are requesting. Subject line should be:

Postgres - Obtaining direct access to Postgres databases

List username and the IP address of the machine you will be using to login to Postgres.

Create another ticket for firewall rule changes.

Go to Forms page: https://www.oakland.edu/uts/efficient-processes-forms/forms/

Click on form “Firewall Change Request”

ALL areas within a red border are required fields.

Click on supplied link within form for help filling out the form.

Under Proposed Firewall Changes:

Enter your Source IP from the machine you will be logging into the Postgres database with.

Destination machine is either the Test or Production databases:



Application: Postgres

Protocol: TCP

Port: 5432

Action: Permit

One line for Test and one line for production if both are needed.

In the “Reason For Request…”, box put ticket number of the Ticket you created earlier to get direct access to Postgres.

Make sure you enter all areas with a red border then submit.