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Emeritus Account Renewal

Emeritus Faculty are able to keep their Oakland e-mail and NetID account for life, but must renew it each year. E-mail notifications are sent each year beginning in January and ending in April. The contents of the notification are below and provide the information necessary to renew an Emeritus Email account.

Emeritus Email Renewal Notice Contents

Dear Oakland University Emeritus Faculty Member,

The Oakland University email account that you own will expire soon.

Name : FacultyName

Email : FacultyEmail

Expiration : May 1st

  • Every year in January you will receive e-mail monthly notices until April to renew your Emeritus e-mail and NetID account. Emeritus accounts will expire on May 1 each year. You will still keep your Emeritus standing at Oakland whether you have an e-mail account or not. There is no fee for an Emeritus e-mail and NetID account and no fee to renew. You have to take action to retain your Oakland Emeritus email account. If you do not renew your e-mail and NetID account, it will be deleted on the expiration date listed above. If you no longer wish to have an Oakland email account you can do nothing and on the date above it will be deleted or you can fill out the form below, requesting delete and it will be deleted immediately. Emeritus Faculty must also renew e-mail and NetID to keep access to library resources, etc.
  • Once an e-mail expires, all e-mail, contacts, calendar events, Google Drive, Google Photos, and anything registered with that account will be deleted. There is no recovery process or backup to restore the contents of your account once it is deleted.
  • We recommend using Google Takeout to download your data. https://takeout.google.com

To renew your email account, complete the electronic form titled "Emeritus Renewal Request” found at https://forms.oakland.edu under E or the link below.

Please complete the ordered steps to renew your e-mail and NetID account:

1) Please fill out the form located here. https://eforms.oakland.edu/PerfectFormsSSO/player.htm?f=7NAgAgAF

2) Read the form and fill out all the required information.

3) Click the "Submit" button in order to start the process.

If you do not receive confirmation of the renewal via email with a ticket number after one day, you need to ensure that you properly completed the "Routing Instructions" of the form.

  • You can check the status of your Emeritus email account at any time by sending a message to [email protected] .

  • If you would like to call and confirm this e-mail, or to ask questions, please contact Debbie Wenner at 248-370-3152.

Thank you,

University Technology Services

November 2023