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Foreign Software Procurement Procedure

Topic: Foreign Software Procurement Procedure
Audience: Faculty and Staff
Creation Date: March 19, 2014
Last Revision Date: June 22, 2015
Author: Teri Abbo

Per OU Administrative Policy and Procedure #1000 “Procurement”:

No software purchases can be made on a P-card without UTS prior review and approval.
Before securing software purchases, please refer to University Technology Service - Campus Software information (http://wwwp.oakland.edu/uts/faculty-and-staff-services/software/ ) and OU AP&P #870 Software Regulations and OU AP&P #1000 Procurement.

Step-by-Step Procedure

  • "Foreign Software" is defined as software provided by a vendor with a sale originating outside the United States. This requires special processing due to tax issues.
  • The requesting department submits a UTS Software/Hosted Solutions Ticket, which is reviewed by the UTS Software Manager (“USM”).

  • After USM determines that the purchase is allowable, but before advising department, USM notes if the purchase is a term license that is being paid to a foreign payee.

  • Working with the USM, the Department obtains the form "W-8BEN E" from vendor and attaches it to the ticket, unless Purchasing is already working with the vendor, in which case Purchasing will handle.
  • The USM adds the Accounts Payable Manager to the Ticket.
    • USM will include vendor contact information (phone or e-mail).
    • USM puts ticket on hold until AP Manager responds.
  • AP Manager will respond to the ticket within 48 hours advising whether or not 30% withholding will be required with this purchase.

  • Resolution will include notification to Purchasing or department as to how to allocate the costs.
  • USM resolves Ticket.
  • Department or Purchasing work with vendor for final quote.
  • Purchasing to involve AP Manager should the vendor dispute the withholding.