Google Classroom Management

Audience: Faculty with an Oakland University NetID wishing to use Google Classroom

Google Classroom is an option for faculty members to use for online instruction. There are multiple process steps to complete before instructors are able to use Classroom. Faculty members are assigned as "Teachers" in Google terms.

Eligible to teach using Google Classroom

Anyone hired by Oakland University and assigned to teach a class in Banner is eligible to use Google Classroom in the Oakland University Google domain. Additionally, other instructors, such as student teachers and graduate assistants, are also eligible to use Google Classroom after UTS has received approval to add the privilege in the domain.

Verifying Status through Access Requests

Teachers can be authorized to use Google Classroom in the following ways:

  1. UTS will populate the Google Classroom Teacher group will all faculty members at the beginning of each month and then due weekly audits in August and September.
  2. Submitting a request directly to UTS by sending an email to [email protected] . This is needed if an instructor is assigned after the monthly audit and is requesting access immediately or requesting access for a teaching assistant/graduate assistant. Individuals who request access but do not have faculty standing must provide the identity of the faculty member sponsoring the Teacher status. UTS will contact and verify the Teacher status with the sponsoring faculty member.

Help and FAQs

Google Classroom provides the best reference to guide Faculty on “How To” and FAQ’s to use the service. The link contains instructions, YouTube Videos, etc. Include this link to direct faculty to the instructions when you resolve the request to add:
Helpful links:

Adding Students to Your Class

Students, unlike teachers, are not automatically populated to your class. UTS cannot add students to your class. You can do so by one of the processes described by Google - Invite Your Students to a Class.

March 2020