Connecting to Matilda with MobaXterm


This document provides a procedure for establishing SSH terminal and SFTP connections to the Matilda Cluster using the MobaXterm Windows client.


1. Open MobaXterm and click the "New session" button:

MobaXterm Session Panel

2. To initiate a terminal session, click on the “SSH” button, and then add the following in the “Remote host” field: Click the “Specify username” box and enter your Oakland NetID. Finally click “OK”:

MobaXterm SSH window

3. A terminal window will appear. Enter your password when prompted:

Login window

4. After your password is accepted, you will be prompted for a DUO 2-factor authentication method. In this example, we select “1” as a push to our mobile device:

DUO 2 factor authentication

5. You will likely receive a second DUO push notification request during this process. This will happen if the “SSH Browser” option is enabled which allows you to see the contents of your home folder in the left menu pane. Once authenticated, you will be logged in as shown:

Login splash screen

6. To transfer files using SFTP select the “Session” button in the menu bar, and then “SFTP” then click “OK”:

SFTP session

7. Enter the appropriate hostname and username information as you did for SSH:

STFP login window

8. Since this is a new session, you will receive another DUO prompt. You can then browse your local (left pane) and remote (right pane) file and directory structure. Drag and drop as desired:

SFTP folder display

9. Initiating an SFTP session after an SSH session will not end the latter. You can switch back and forth between the sessions by clicking the appropriate tab:

Tabbed window of MobaXterm

Disabling SSH Graphical Browser

You can disable the Graphical SSH Browser if desired by clicking Settings->Configuration->SSH, and then unchecking the appropriate box as shown below:

Configuration menu

Uncheck the box:

Browser control settings