Logging into Matilda with PuTTY


This document presents a procedure for logging into the Matilda Cluster with SSH using the PuTTY Windows client.


1. Open PuTTY and select the "SSH" radio button, then enter the login hostname hpc-login.oakland.edu. Click "Connect":

PuTTY login window

2. The first time you connect using PuTTY you may be presented with a warning. Click "Yes" to continue:

Connection warning

3. Once the initial connection is established, you will be prompted for your username:

User name prompt

4. Then you'll be prompted for your password (note characters will not appear on the screen):

Password prompt

5. You will then be prompted for a DUO 2-factor authentication method:

Duo 2 factor authentication

6. Once authenticated with DUO you will see the login node splash screen and command prompt:

Login splash screen