TMP Space Management


Temporary (TMP) space management is used by applications and when installing software components like python modules, and by applications to store intermediate temporary files. The default directory for TMP is the "/tmp" directory on all nodes including login. On Matilda, this space is relatively small (2Gb) and some users have encountered and error condition "No space left on device". This frequently happens when "/tmp" is full or nearly so.

This document briefly describes how to redesignate TMP to a directory location with adequate space.

Reassigning TMP

First you will need to create a directory where TMP files are to be stored. For example:

mkdir /scratch/users/<username>/tmp

Next, in your working environment, set the appropriate environmental variable "TMPDIR". For example:

export TMPDIR=/scratch/users/username/tmp

If using a job script, you can include this export in the job script itself. If installing python modules on login using a virtual environment, set it at the command line. Alternately, you could also add this to your ".bashrc" file so at each login TMPDIR is assigned correctly to your alternate TMP space.