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This page describes how to use the Four Square page navigation in the new Banner Self Service utility.

The Four Square navigation can be found here in the upper left corner of the screen:


This will open a Menu dialogue link:


Clicking on the Menu dialogue link will open up a series of pages that you may or may not have access to:


Clicking on each of the menu items will open a new page.

For example let's say that you want to submit your leave report. In this case you would click Employee Information.


And then open a new page to manage your Employee Dashboard.


Those menu items with additional arrows will have multiple options to choose from as the next dialogue opens.

For example let's say you wanted to manage your Student Services.


Clicking Student Services will open an additional set of links for you to choose from whether it's Registration or Progress to Degree


Additionally, if you require a transcript, clicking the Student Records entry will bring up those options.