IT Procurement and Sourcing Needs

The current review process is still required. Any IT procurement needs that support delivering teaching and learning are first priority.

Software license agreement reviews and purchases are initiated by submitting the Software and Hosted Solution Checklist form. The submission of the form initiates the Software Procurement Process. If the software is intended for academic or research purposes, the purchasing department is encouraged to complete and submit a Purchase Requisition to the Purchasing Department at the same time the Software and Hosted Solution Checklist is submitted. Please note that software procurement and use must be compliant with Policy #870 Software Regulations, so a good place to start is with the reading of that policy. Before purchasing software, the unit should have a plan for software administration and support. Please note that UTS seeks to follow industry best practices described as IT Asset Management best practices.

How do I expedite my request?

Have this information available when completing the Software and Software & Hosted Solution Purchasing Checklist form:

  • *Does the vendor require signatures on any documentation to complete the purchase?
  • *Will the vendor accept a pCard for the purchase amount, and without charging a processing fee?
  • *What data is sent to the vendor, if any?
  • *How do users access and authenticate to the software? Do you have to send email address of users? Is the vendor sending a service URL and you pass out a pin number to student? Are you required to maintain an admin console? etc..
  • *Who is the contact in your area that has contracting authority in your department if a risk mitigation review is needed quickly.
  • *Is the vendor contracting with you on a reduced term, or do they allow you to re-establish original licensing counts at the duration of the term without a penalty or fee?
  • *What type of license are your purchasing? Network Server license, named user license, shared device license, perpetual license, etc.

More Information is available.

Hardware and Computer Purchases

The following is being provided to clarify the requirements for the purchase of desktop and laptop computers.

  • The Purchasing website provides a list of OU Preferred Vendors. Departments should use these providers along with their OU Pcard to make purchases of computer equipment. You will need to advise the vendor at the time of order that you intend to make payment with your Pcard. If your area does not have a Pcard available and the order is urgent, you can defer to having the purchase invoiced to OU. If using an OU Preferred Vendor a purchase order is not required. To request a Pcard complete the application available on the A/P website.
    • Dell & HP Apple

    If the type of device you are seeking is not available within the timeframe needed from one of the noted preferred providers and the purchase is under $5,000 you can still use your OU Pcard to make the purchase but in accordance with Policy 1000 purchases greater than $2,500 require pricing from at least two sources to ensure that it is making sound, economical purchases. If the amount is over $5,000 and not from a preferred provider you must submit a Requisition for a Purchase Order to be issued. Please contact the Purchasing Office directly for additional questions. Departments should not make direct purchases of computers/laptops from retailers with personal credit cards. Policy 870 requires that payment be made directly from a University payment source in order for OU to own the license entitlement. Without the ownership of the license the software embedded on these devices like the operating system, etc. cannot be upgraded to the MS Campus License or use any other OU client installed software.

Last Update 3/19/2020