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Moving Data From One Database to Another With Argos.

1. Create a data block with a report query of the data you want to move from first database like this:


2. Create a new Extract text report like this:


3. Click on Design button and then change the Report Format to Delimited. Put the type of delimiter you are using in the box next to the work Delimiter like this:


4. Add Detail under Report Options by clicking on + plus sign under Report Structure. On the right click on the Fields tab and add the fields from your report query like this:


5. Add a dataset by clicking on + plus sign below Datasets on right. In the pop-up window put name of dataset, name of Master Dataset. Insert code into SQL box. Pick your Connection which should be database where data is going to like this:


6. Validate report and save. Run dashboard. Pick report from Report Options and hit save. This will run report and insert data into database of your choice.