How to Clear Cache of OU MySAIL App

Clearing the cache of the OU MySAIL app depends on your type of mobile device. Below are instructions for Android and Apple devices.


1. Open the settings menu on your device.

image of android settings icon, a blue-tinged gear, over a white background, the android apps menu, with the word settings below it

2. Find the "Apps" button below the "Device" header in the settings menu. It will have the android robot next to it.

image of settings menu, with a header that says settings over it. under that is a header saying device. under the device header, the third option says apps and is highlighted. it has the aforementioned robot next to it. above the apps button is the display button and the sound and notification button. below it is the storage and usb button

3. In the alphabetical list of apps that appears, find the "OU MySAIL" app button.

image of O U MySail button, with the O U Grizz logo next to it, between two other app buttons in a list, one beginning with n above it and one beginning with p below

4. In the menu that opens, tap the "Storage" button just below the "Uninstall" and "Force Stop" buttons at the top.

image of menu labelled with app info at the top. under is the O U MySAIL app icon along with the app title and version number next to it. below that are the buttons that represent some actions, like uninstall and force stop. below that is the described storage button

5. In the menu that opens, tap the "Clear Cache" button.

image of menu labelled with O U MySAIL at the top. under is a header that says storage. under that are some statistics about the storage, in particular they are total, app, data, and cache. both data and cache have buttons under them to clear them


To clear the cache, you will have to delete and reinstall the MySAIL app. Below are instructions on how to delete the app through the settings menu.

1. In the settings menu, tap "General" and then "Storage & iCloud Usage".

2. Next, under the header "Storage" tap "Manage Storage".

3. In the list of apps, tap the "OU MySAIL" app.

4. Finally you'll be taken to a menu with a "Delete App" option at the bottom.

After you delete the OU MySAIL app, be sure to reinstall, and the cache will be cleared.