Network Registration Frequently Asked Questions


Network registration allows the university to identify a device owner in order to meet certain service obligations.

Why am I being asked to register my device?

The network registration system, also known as Bradford Campus Manager, is needed to regulate limited resources and to comply with legal requirements, such as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Registration associates an Oakland University constituent (faculty, student, staff) with a device.

How often will I have to register?

Registration is required for first access and annually thereafter, or when necessary to insure the stability and availability of network communications.

How do I register?

When turning on an unregistered computer for the first time, open a web browser to follow the registration instructions. In the event that you are not automatically directed to the registration site, please point your browser to (NetReg) when you are on the main campus or (ResNetReg) if you are in the Residence Halls.

What do I need to register?

You will need your NetID username and password.

Who do I call if after registering I am still unable to gain access to the network?

Please contact your local technical support, visit the Student Affairs Technology Helpdesk in the lower level of the Oakland Center, any Helpdesk located in Kresge Library, or the University Housing Helpdesk in the Residence Halls.

Does this system monitor what I am doing on the network?

No, the Campus Manager system does not monitor any traffic. Once registration is complete, there is no interaction between your computer and the Campus Manager system.

Will this slow down my computer or the network?

No, the Campus Manger system will not impact network or system performance. The registration process averages 90 seconds. Once registration is complete, there is no interaction between the client and the Campus Manager system.

Is Registration also required for the Residence Hall Network?

Yes, there are some variations to the registration process that accommodate the difference between residential use and business / academic computer use. Please contact the University Housing Helpdesk for any additional details or with additional questions concerning registration.

How will this impact any hubs or switches I have?

Desktop hubs, switches, and routers are not permitted on the Oakland University network per University Policy #850. The Campus Manager system will not work properly with these devices.



The information below explains the various options available from the Network Registration page. Please note there may be minor variations between options available on main campus and in the Residence Halls.

Screenshot of the login network registration menu.

This is a screenshot of the network registration window.

Students, Faculty, AND Staff

Students, faculty, or staff members who have an existing NetID may use this option to register their personal or university assigned device with OU's network access control system. After selecting this option, you will be prompted to enter your NetID and password and the registration process will then begin. The registration process takes approximately 90 seconds to complete.

Temporary Access

Guests on campus can obtain temporary access by requesting sponsorship from a known faculty or staff member. After selecting this option and completing a short form a request will automatically be sent to the specified sponsor. The sponsor will then receive an email notification informing them of a pending request. After the sponsor approves the request, the guest's registration will automatically proceed OR they will receive an email containing temporary credentials. Guests are given access for 24 hours. To extend access the above process must be repeated.

Conference Attendees

Guests who are attending a University sponsored conference will be provided with the necessary login credentials by the event organizer. If you would like information on how to host an event please see the NetworkEvents wiki for more information.

Manual Registration

Students, faculty, or staff may manually register a device (for example a device without a web browser) by selecting this option. This option requires that the device being registered is connected to the network, powered on, and that you have the device's MAC address.

Manage Registered Devices

All users can manage devices currently registered to their account by selecting this option. You will see a list of registered devices along with details including the device name, operating system, status, and MAC address. Registered devices can be removed by clicking the "Delete" button next to the desired device.

May 2018